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Welcome to the temple of the hands free orgasm (HFO) - Feel the Tantric pleasures of deep relaxation, sexual arousal and the ultimate release. Learn how to get your best orgasms. You'll last longer, feel even better, and glow and grow your pleasure deep inside whether you are a man or a women.

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Erotic Audio Training For Women

About The Series

Are you new to erotic audio?  Curious about having a hands free orgasm?  Wondering how to approach engaging with all the material out there?  Do you want to feel those deeper sensations in your mind & body?  Take a journey with us as we help you connect with the erotic audio even better with some basic lessons and instructions to guide you.  Opening you up to feel even deeper arousal in our longer, more passionate & suggestive embraces.

Erotic Audio Training For Women

Media In This Series

Snaps For Women 101

After a brief relaxation, I introduce you to feeling pleasure from a simple finger snap.  After a fair amount of training, you'll find yourself reaching the best kind of snappy conclusion pretty quickly.  Learn to enjoy the most essential erotic audio trigger in this clean audio track. It will also be my first YouTube video to promote HFOAudio.com.  Snap, and cross your fingers for me!

From The Series: Erotic Audio Training For Women
Published on 6/29/2022 12:00 AM
Duration: 23 minutes


Audience: Male For Female Erotic Audio

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Feel Sexy AF as a women

Not feeling very sexy today? Maybe, you're having a rough day or you just need a boost of confidence. Allow me to take you through some exercises to get you feeling sexy again and help build you up again. If you like the beginning, it gets a lot more intense in the full version which is available if you sign-in.

From The Series: Erotic Audio Training For Women
Published on 7/5/2022 12:00 AM
Duration: 50 minutes
Download Cost: 1 credits

Dirty Talk, Feel Sexy, Masturbation, Penetration

Audience: Male For Female Erotic Audio

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