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The Good Husband

About The Series

To have and to hold. This series will celebrate that long lasting relationship between man and wife.  I want to bring out the beauty of the deeper connection and experiences you can have when you are committed to each other for a long time.  I want this series to feel really good while still being erotic. We will continue to work on honoring and respecting each other and go deeper into that mutual trust we share. It's very warm and comfy in this series.  What is a good husband to you? Let us know, and inspire us to bring that feeling alive in the next chapter of this series.

The Good Husband

Media In This Series

Feel the magic of honesty and loyalty

Living with you just gets better every day.  Let me show you how much I care for you in this sweet story about our upcoming special date.  That one day above the rest that reminds us how much we mean to each other.  You mean so much to me. Now please listen to what I have prepared for our special day.

From The Series: The Good Husband
Published on 6/29/2022 1:00 PM
Duration: 20 minutes
Download Cost: 1 credits

Audience: Male For Female Erotic Audio

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