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We need more women creating erotic audio with HFO Triggers

Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 10:55PM

We need more women creating erotic audio with HFO Triggers

I hope more women will see an opportunity to work on erotic audio.  I find it so sexy listening to a women talk dirty and guide me to an orgasm this way.

Feeling the close-up ASMR floating and pulsing feelings of relaxation. The romantic warm fuzzy feelings building arousal. The extremely explicit sexual desires, kissing, licking and the deep penetration leading to intense climax whether they touch or just squirm, it makes me so aroused even thinking about it. The calming afterglow to fill them up, adding more sweetness to these women who are already the sweetest fruits I know of. The divine nature of this pure expression of love. I can do this too, this pet wants to play with the masters more and more in my private temple here at hfoaudio.com where I worship their glory and extend it with the passion they build in my heart to do the same.

I know women can feel all these pleasure too.  You can get very aroused in the process of creating these audios and you'll get so much positive feedback for pleasing all those men.

I am opening up to doing more and more erotic audio myself and it's super fun.  I'm ready to obey and yield its power. I want these open-minded women to surrender to me, and tell me how good they feel afterwards, increasing my own pleasure and arousal to feed even more sensations to them.

I want to reward my erotic audio mistresses and all the men and women with this temple of the hands free orgasm. Sharing the common wisdom, their words, my words, the creative spirit, my web development knowledge, marketing skills, and other resources to fill up all the hearts in the world with more pleasure and calm surrender. Making them glow even brighter.

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