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Welcome to the temple of the hands free orgasm (HFO) - Feel the Tantric pleasures of deep relaxation, sexual arousal and the ultimate release. Learn how to get your best orgasms. You'll last longer, feel even better, and glow and grow your pleasure deep inside whether you are a man or a women.

Hands Free Orgasm Audio - Erotic Hypnosis & Relaxation

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A Hands Free Orgasm is really possible

I went most of my life, not knowing of such pleasure until I was almost 40. Recently, women have been coming on and off of youtube with intensely sexual erotic audio tracks. Sometimes describing tantra and energies, other times sexual ASMR roleplaying and dirty words, moans, orgasms including talking about or making the sounds of oral sex and penetration. These women so directly exposing themselves, their sexual side so colorful and completely realized, such a rare commodity in this format. Visual porn stands in the shadow of their radiance.

Teasing my curiousity about not touching myself, I kept listening, and I learned from them. They make me feel better then any other experience with women, porn, or my own imagination. Youtube doesn't approve of such explicit audio tracks there, which is causing it to be hard for people to find these rare gems in the dark. Maybe men like will not ever learn about the gifts they have given us already. Oh, that would be sad, they might even give up giving us more pleasure. I want these women to endure and thrive for their mighty powers over my body are divine.

We are not all masters of every craft. We need to pull together to bring more people to these women, to this experience, even bringing women themselves towards the tantric sexual pleasures. This heightened state of arousal.

I want to spread these tantric pleasures to more people using my combined experience to help bring more people towards deep pleasure and feeling more present and warm inside their . I want to worship my favorite goddesses, even write and record my own deep relaxation and erotic ASMR audio.

This all initially feels like discovering a secret buried in the ancient temples of the past. A thing that is only made up at first. I was very skeptical, having only known the pleasures of my hand or a women's touch. These beautiful women with their passionate erotic audio tracks taught me a way to reach the hands free orgasm though. To get me all the way there, over the edge and to cum really hard still not touching myself. I guarantee it is real, it can be real for you too. Even if you do want to touch yourself at the end, it is so intense by the time they get you there, that it feels wonderful still.

Also, don't forget that headphones are required for the best experience.

Key in the forest

Unlock the secret pleasures for yourself

If your curiousity is building, and you really want to feel a deeper sense of arousal leading to a sweet release, you need to obey your instincts and press yourself towards worshipping these women right now, diving into your mind with them deep inside, feeling their bodies, their hot wetness, so near to you. Allow yourself to feel the best orgasms of your life in safe privacy whenever you want, they are waiting for you to cum so hard and long with them deep inside your mind & body. Allow the dirty and darker fantasies to come alive deep inside your relaxed mind. All gifts they can provide. Obey them, tease yourself so slowly. Give yourself the time it takes to really get there with their help.

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Her temple experiences are so arousing for me. Her voice is so innocent and vulnerable. I love her imagination, the visualizations of her body, her triggers, the sensations are wonderfully sensitive with warmth and love.

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From The Series: Erotic Audio Artists
Published on 6/22/2022 12:00 AM

Audience: Female For Male Erotic Audio

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Eve's Garden

My first real HFO happened from her intense cock worship. She is so creative, so polished, so masterful in her powerful sexual ASMR voice, realistic sex sounds, and deep relaxation.

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From The Series: Erotic Audio Artists
Published on 6/22/2022 12:00 AM

Audience: Female For Male Erotic Audio

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How I Reach A Hands Free Orgasm

You hit that sweet level of bliss so hard when the orgasm comes, hands free is not a lesser orgasm, it's more. To reach that edge myself, I often make the same motions at the end as if I am thrusting into the air like there is a pussy up towards my belly button and squeezing my abs and ass very hard to reach it way up there. I usually feel that orgasm come even faster with that specific motion. A little rotation of the hips upwards while squeezing the ass squeezes the prostate gland tighter, which is how this works, fellas. Read More
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